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An eminent personality in the field of Digital Marketing – JIJO JOSEPH.

Jijo Joseph is a full-time freelance digital marketing and SEO expert in Kerala. He is an experienced search engine optimisation (SEO) expert, skilled in Google Adwords, Social Media Optimisation (SMO) and Digital Marketing. Jijo Joseph is the consultant and co-founder of AJ Digital Hub based in Kochi, Kerala. He is also a mentor in digital marketing. He is an established digital marketer with experience in working with many global brands and start-up companies of different niches, like real estate, tours and travels and education, helping to grow their revenue and the online appearance of the brand.

This powerful marketing professional recently shifted his focus to education and is training many SEO aspirants in getting into digital marketing. His teaching experience of about 5 years has given rise to a number of digital marketers. He taught and trained many marketing and analytics folks and students in IALM, One Team Solutions and AJ Digital Hub. His videos are really informative getting into the core of SEO and accounts for lucid presentation.

Jijo is a highly resourceful person and a good mentor. His knowledge of digital marketing is boundless. He guides his mentee through the best practices in SEO. He teaches Digital Marketing, Digital Analytics, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Social Media courses.

He maintains a youtube channel of his own with around 4k subscribers where he teaches the common people about SEO and its aspects. His videos are really informative getting into the core of SEO and accounts for lucid presentation. Loads of information and motivation are deposited in his video lessons. His prospects and increasing day by day. He even maintains an attractive site with copious references to Digital Marketing. He keeps a friendly relationship with his recipients and is always available for help or advice.

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Gabriela Galeena is an upcoming digital marketer. She is an intern at DigitalDeepak and is a content writer. She is specialising in education and psychology along with digital marketing.

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