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We might have noticed a difference in the behaviour of some children. Have you ever looked into the reason for such a character drift? Well, let’s get into it. The behavioural changes can be the result of some external influence and the genetic makeup of the child. Let’s take a look at the external influence for they play a villainous role in influencing the behaviour of a growing being. They can be positive or negative in nature.  A positive influence can create positive changes in human and the negative influences can result in the damnation of a man. The people they meet and linger around with, the values and morals conveyed, the economic and social balance maintained within their family are some factors that shape the behaviour of children.

Children are the grown-up men of the future. As experienced elders, we are assigned to show them the right path.  What we share today will reflect tomorrow. A negative influence can distort the harmony of growing causing damage to the whole of humankind.

How can we guide children to embrace the good and leave behind the evil?

Food habits- This includes all kinds of solid and liquid intake by the child. Providing energy giving food will definitely improve the development of body and character. “Good Food, Good Life” is a famous quote from a popular advertisement on food. Keeping a regular account of the food given to the child and making sufficient changes according to the needs is a must. Beware of all kinds of alcohol and drug intake. These are the most dangerous substances that can kill a generation. Keep children away from such illegal issues. Make sure to keep them away from diseases.

Relationships- Children will come across a lot of people and development is only possible with interaction with fellow beings. Each person is unique in their own way. Communication changes the perspective of a child. Keep them from bad connections by keeping an eye on the environment around the child. Even the relationships inside the family can influence the child. Beware of your disposition.

Inculcating good values in the child- Teaching them how to behave in public is very important. Home and school are responsible for this kind of learning.

What can be the remedies in “Taming the Shrew”?

Mostly teachers play the role of correcting the distorted personality of a child. They use some techniques to improve which with time has proved to be effective.

The teacher analyses the student’s behaviour in the class and creates a master plan in diverting the student. The master plan includes:

Teacher-student interaction

 The teacher takes great care to ensure the involvement of each student in the class, making it more productive.

Communicates with the student in a friendly manner.

Finds out the hidden talents in the child and prepare mediums to showcase them.

Appreciate the student for his achievements.

These can be considered as some of the many methods employed by a teacher in the process of character development of the child.